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Suite 714A, 10a Chernyshevsky Street, Minsk 220012 Belarus

About Us

      Private enterprise KORSEL offersmaintenance, installation and modernization of SIEMENS CNC machine tools, as well as the delivery of machines.

      Work to be performed:
           - Start-up operations,
           - Modernization of complex CNC machine tools (installation of control systems SIEMENS),
           - Development of design documentation ( schematics ),
           - Manufacture of electrical box,
           - Replacement of obsolete software on the operator panel :
                     a) development of a user-friendly interface,
                     b) UI Russification operator panel
                     c) the creation of custom masks for staff convenience,
           - drives optimization,
           - PLC program development,
           - equipment servicing,
           - technological processes automation of SIEMENS controllers,
           - postprocessors development.

      We guarantee the quality of ourservices because gained our experienceby working with over 200 simple and complex 200 machines tools.
      Evgeny Korchevskiyis a highly qualified specialist with over 10 years of industry experience. He possesses SIEMENS certificates, and his solutions have been successfully implemented in agricultural, military, aviation and machine tool plants in Belarus, Russia, India, Iran, Bulgaria, and Ukraine.

      Join us now for a 100% quality guarantee!


Suite 714A, 10a Chernyshevsky Street, Minsk 220012 Belarus
Tel/Fax: +375 (17) 396-26-60;
Tel: +375 (17) 396-26-61;