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Process automation

       Manufacturing process automation is the transfer of functions and duties previously done by a man to machines and automatic devices. The success of a technological progress is rooted in production efficiency, high quality of manufactured goods, and the optimizing the use of production inputs.
       A private enterprise Korsell offers its services in a manufacturing process automation using SIEMENS controllers (Simatic S7-300) with field bus communication PROFIBUS.
                Automation process includes:
        - Software development for electric drives automation;
        - Making all machine modules work as a single system;
        - Sending all CNC signals to an operator GUI panel;
        - Functionality to change parameters using an operator panel;
        - Development of a project blueprints;
        - Sending auxiliary user messages to an operator panel.


Suite 714A, 10a Chernyshevsky Street, Minsk 220012 Belarus
Tel/Fax: +375 (17) 396-26-60;
Tel: +375 (17) 396-26-61;